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The Treasures Roadhouse is the perfect place for Club Uke!

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Located at the corner of Freedom Blvd. and Corralitos Road, Treasures Roadhouse is a newly opened AWESOME performance venue. Club Uke has found it's new home here and we can party, play, and entertain each other in style - all in a pro environment!

Get on the "U" list!

The U-list is Club Uke's version of the A-list, common in the trendy LA nightclubs.
Those on the A-list are given special treatment and allowed to go where those "other" people aren't. When you're on the U-list, you get that same special treatment - namely, entry into the newest and hottest "ukes only" venue in Santa Cruz!

The Santa Cruz Weekly writes:

"The place was stuffed to the gills with men in Hawaiian print shirts and panama hats and women in zebra print and sequins, all toting miniature guitar cases. What little extra room there was in the aisles was comandeered for dancing when the music started."

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But would still like to help to keep this fantastic, new venue alive and offering a wonderful space for musicians and artists of all types, consider donating a small amount.

Stay tuned for the next CLUB UKE.

The most recent Club Uke - on March 13th was fun.
We featured performances by Bill West, The "Babes" Gaynelle and Susi, Moondance, and hosts Rick and Rhan.
Great singalong songs with handouts.

A big thanks to everyone who attended.

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2908 Freedom Blvd, Corralitos
Come early for dinner next door at El Azteca


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